June 20th, 2007

I have now been teaching for over 25 years of and am trained by the British Wheel of yoga. My influences are varied and range from the wide range of yoga that I have practised myself. These include Iyengar, astanga and Scaravelli. I have studied with many inspiring world teaches including Shiva Rea. The yoga classes have a fluid and often dynamic flow, linking postures together is sequences that release tension, strengthen and relax both the mind and the body. The posture work is always with respect of the students ability and the quality of their energy, and that of the group.

The main aim of my teaching is to work with conscious effort at developing a living yoga practice that enables a balanced life. To develop confidence and strength within both mind and body. My teaching is intuitive and in keeping with the quality of the daily energy.
This is an extract from a review of my classes by Bequi Mitchell for an online yoga magazine www.yoga-live.o.uk
Yoga With Love – Class Review Lisa Askem is a wonderfully warm woman with a sense of gentle power about her. On Wednesday the 27th February I had the pleasure of meeting her and experiencing the class she holds at Esporta, Wandsworth. Lisa is a highly accomplished teacher with 18 years teaching experience and has undergone extensive training with the British Wheel of Yoga. She does not teach in a particular style rather she has melted aspects of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Saravelli and sprinkled in a little inspiration from her training with Shiva Rea and you can get an idea of the kind of the style she has developed for her own teaching. Lisa’s teaching philosophy is one that revolves around consciously developing a ‘living’ Yoga practice and gaining a feeling of balance in life. There is a great focus on developing confidence and strength in body and mind.

Lisa runs regular weekday classes, workshops and retreats. Lisa’s website is a deep well of information and has lots of very interesting articles and pod casts on it. She also includes a thought for the day, which is a lovely idea, and it gives you something to contemplate on in those moments you get a chance to stop.

The class began with relaxation and breath work that helped in letting go of the day’s troubles and really prepared my focus on the class ahead. Lisa uses some wonderful music throughout the class that carries you away and brings you in to the present moment. Starting with floor work the class built to a fluid dynamic flow of gentle and well-balanced Asanas linked together in short sequences. I found the focus on opening the hip joints and activating the Mullah Banda extremely exciting and have been a great lesson for my personal practice. The class closed with relaxation and meditation, which I really enjoyed as it was a chance for me to feel the waves of energy the class had generated in my body. At the end of the class Lisa also taught some of the philosophy behind the music that was played through the session and usefully put it into the context of everyday life. This was a general mixed level class I felt that Lisa was very aware of the various ability levels of her students and taught variations for the Asanas to cater for each individual’s needs.

Lisa is a specialist pre and post natal yoga teacher and writes for yoga magazine in this area. On the web site will be Lisa’s book, a dairy for pregnancy that will be available to down load from the site soon.

Lisa also runs annual retreats in the Cotswolds, Italy and Tobago.

Pregnancy Yoga

Lisa Askem has been teaching pre and post natal yoga in Wandsworth, London for over 25 years. Trained with the British wheel of yoga and has worked with the active birth movement. Having practised yoga for several years it was when she was pregnant with her
daughter India in 1992 that she started to teach general hatha yoga. Since that time feeling the benefits for herself continued with her personal practice and continued to teach throughout her second pregnancy with Rafe in 1997.

Lisa teaches pre – post natal in south west London and also works with several local midwives and is currently involved with bringing these classes to local hospitals.
She teaches at Sure start in Roehampton and Westhill in Wandsworth

Lisa is the yoga and pregnancy has written for Yoga Magazine

Comments by Emma Mahony on Lisa’s classes

I started taking Lisa Akem’s pregnancy yoga classes when I stopped work at 30 weeks and was big with twins. They were a wonderful experience. They usually started (and stopped regularly) with a big chat where someone would start pouring their hearts out over some worry or bad night that they’d had the night before. Then others would start joining in offering a suggestion on how that person might sleep better propped up or on her pillows, or with a pillow between her legs, and other female foibles or fears would come out. I remember one woman saying “Don’t go into hospital without some cleaning wipes to wipe down everywhere before you lean on it” – that’s the level of detail we went into! Then we would do some simple poses and a long, long relaxation, and all come out of the session chattier and lighter then when we had gone in. For all this Lisa would preside over the session, never haranguing the group to get on their knees and perfect the pose, but allowing the energy of the session to go in the direction it wanted. Sometimes lots of yoga would be done, sometimes just a little.

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Find out about classes and retreats. articles on yoga and inks to other sites that Lisa personally recommends. For massage, equipment or other related practitioners.

Pod cast live Classes will be available to download from the site to maintain a regular practice.

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