I love Autumn – new beginnings

September 27th, 2016

Its fast approaching the end of September and after a long Indian summer it feels as it nature is allowing Autumn to begin her annual party. Autumn is the time when nature goes into absolute celebration mode. She shines and glimmers and offers us a chance to enjoy looking at life. Totally splendid, as the last days of summer draw out into an evenings chill its time to add another layer.

I love the seasons for this aspect of change. We have to adapt and adjust, we need different clothes and different food. Its a good time to reflect on what summer has given us. Think about the rituals of harvest festivals and the concept of storing what we need for the coming months.

I love autumn the most because it’s also about new starts. Kids go back to school and for many of us that term time is embedded deeply into our whole self. All of us remember going back to school. But nature and life only goes forward, I am always keen to stress to my students not to think about going back,be it to work, or when people say after a trauma or illness I just want to get back to being myself. Well our self is always here, always moving forward, changing and improving. Consider where in yourself or in life do you feel new. Ask yourself (and others) whats new? instead of how are you? Its a question that really gets people thinking.

I am now starting my 25th year of teaching yoga and to celebrate this time I asked photographer Sarah-Jane Field to take some photos of me practicing yoga in my favourite wood where I walk everyday on Tooting Common, London SW17

I look back and only see positive progression. I can’t say my life has been easy but it has been enhanced through yoga and all the people that I have met through this practice. I can honestly say what an honour it is to teach people and what a laugh life can be.

Please have a look at http://www.sarahjanefield.co.uk, her work is stunning.

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