Return to work, when life starts to feel better

June 28th, 2016

Before being a yoga teacher I worked in fashion as a designer, thats my training in trade and I have always being involved in design, fashion and printing. I launched the yoga clothes company in 2014 but this coincided with the death of my brother which was followed not long after by the sad passing of my mother. I mention this because nothing could prepare me for how grief takes a hold and before I could feel better again I went through a period of depression where I felt it impossible function in a way that I had previously known to be normal. I never achieved any momentum from the start of the business and wondered if I would pick it all up again.

Our natural and innate self will surface, but at times it will also feel under the pile of what we experience as life. Therefore I am always happy when glimpse of inspiration invites me back to my creative self.

I had these socks made to wear durning relaxation and keep on afterwards. As a yoga teacher its nice to look at sea of Om symbols whilst people are relaxing and that we can take that vibe out of the class with us. The strap line is “socks that support the soul”.

You can buy them from my esty store for £5 Theyogaclothescom via @Etsy
More items will be added from now on.

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