October 22nd, 2010

Whilst clearing and tidying today I founds these notes scribbled down. Mainly collected over the past year for my personal practice and teaching aids. Mainly from Yasmin Boland an astrologer in Aus whose work I always find inspirational. see her at

I think these are well worth sharing and for you to use in your practice.

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them. It is important to acknowledge the power of your subconscious.
You do not lose your peace because of circumstances but because of the struggle you create in your mind between what you think should be and what really is. To be accepting is not about being passive. It is to be aware of reality and to start working from there.

The Tantric word Bhavana – yogic contemplation – is the most powerful and creative tool we have for life transformation. Invoke your strength, your power, your beauty, your wisdom. Start the way you wish to continue.

Whatever you do today, stop for a moment and read this sentence out loud. “IF ICAN BELIEVE IT I CAN CONCEIVE IT” This little ditty reminds us that according to the ancient teachings, if we believe something is possible it becomes so. One of the reasons why meditation is so important is that it releases us of negativity and raises our vibrations so we’re more able to emit a clear signal and send out our positive beliefs to the universe, thus setting in motion the thought patterns which eventually take form and come back as our reality.

Harri Om Tat Sat

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