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January 18th, 2008

Bend It Like Lisa is offering yoga classes as downloadable audio files from early 2008. Here is some information and advice to those who are new to using audio on their computers or over the internet.

What is a podcast?

The word podcast is made from ipod (Apple’s mp3 audio player) and broadcast. It’s a way of making regular scheduled audio broadcasts digitally. In this case the yoga class is recorded digitally and then made available for listening and download from the website. The class can be downloaded and transferred to an mp3 audio player to be used at any time. When broadcasts are released on a regular basis your computer can be set up to download the latest one automatically ready to be transferred to your ipod or other mp3 audio player. Hence the term podcast.

Listening to the podcast

You can listen directly to the podcast by clicking on the play icon next to the microphone icon. The podcast should begin to play immediately. If you cannot hear it, make sure that you have your speakers connected and turned on and the volume adjusted to an audible level. It has been tested on various computer platforms so it should work. But if you are still having problems then do get in touch via the contact form.

Downloading the podcast

If you want to download the podcast to use while disconnected from the internet or for use on another device such as an mp3 player, click on the download link or the AUDIO MP3 icon. You will see another window opening showing a quick time icon or whichever audio player you have integrated with your browser.

If you have problems with Internet Explorer for Windows, try right-click and then Save Target As. That should simply download the audio file rather than download and play at the same time.

Technical Details

The podcast or audio file was recorded as a high resolution .wav file which has been compressed into an mp3 format in order to decrease the size of the file but hopefully maintain most of it’s original quality. It is around 16MB in size, has a bit rate of 32kbps and in mono. Most of the classes are just over an hour long. There is always a trade-off between quality and lower file size and the above was found to be a good compromise.

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