September 26th, 2007

During a recent yoga session a student complains of a burning sensation in her leg and asks if this is normal? After defining the sense of burning and the reason why she felt pain. I ask the class “has anyone heard of the term burning with desire, burning with passion”. Other phrases like feel the heat, and go for the burn come to mind. When we are in need of comfort heat is soothing, often when we have pain heat is applied. We also apply pressure to the body when we need to heal for example to rub the skin after a fall.

When we breath we bring oxygen into the body and that intensifies the heat and we begin to burn brightly from within. We become radiant and glowing. these words are often associated with what we define as beauty. We all have an inner light that can shine through.

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika there is a statement in the gastric fires we burn the dross of imperfection. Pranayama practices improve circulation, we get things moving and in the stomach burn out the stress, tensions and anxiety of life. As our mind settles the negative thoughts evaporate through the heat flowing through our system. Within this movement becomes an understanding of our true nature and can feel a sense of loving calm. This sense of calm is yoga. It binds together and brings us to a state of eternal love. Life is empty without the ability to love ourselves and others.

In life there are obstacles in our way that prevent us from practising yoga and in turn experiences this true love of life.
Quote from Patangali Ch1.V: 30 these obstacles are
the failure to achieve Samadhi
and the failure to maintain Samadhi.

V:31 Such distractions make the body restless, the breathing coarse and the mind agitated.
They result in suffering.

V:32 But they can be eliminated if the mind is repeatedly brought to a single focus.

V:33 the mind becomes clear and serene when the qualities of the heart are cultivated: Friendliness to the joyful, compassion towards the suffering, happiness towards the pure and impartiality towards the impure.

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