August 15th, 2007


FIND YOUR TRUE PRACTICE – the art of Vinyasa

What does Vinyasa mean?
A continual flow of movement. energy. Compatible links to postures. Often associated to astanga yoga featuring up dog and down dog link. But this can be limiting. Physically to those who find those postures hard but more for those who find it physically easy because it limits the expression of movement and the meaning to vinyasa.

Vinyasa is living and is not limited to a yoga practice, but practice is essential to vinyasa. Yoga is a practice therefore life is a practice. Yoga means union. Mind and body brought together to create balance. This is not limited to our mat. To
sustain vinyasa in our life we have to practice.


In Patangal’s yoga sutras chapter 1 sutra 1. And now the teaching of yoga begins. sutra 2. Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence.
We have to look at the 8 limbs of yoga and review our practice.

1. YAMAS – the laws of life.
Ahimsa non – violence
Satya, truthfulness
Asteya, integrity
Brahmacharya, chastity
Aparigraha, non attachment

2.NIYAMAS -The rules for living
Shaucha, simplicity
Santosha, contentment
Tapas, purification
Swadhyaya, refinement
Ishvarapranidhana, surrender to the lord.

3. Posture, asana
4. Breathing, pranayama
5, Retirement of the senses, Pratyahara
6. Focusing the attention, Dharana
7. Meditation, Dhyana
8. The settled mind, Samadhi.

Observe the Yamas and Niymas in detail. Spend time reflecting on your application of these principle in your daily life. Can you improve, and by what percentage do you think your practising.
Chapter 2, Sutra 31 says These laws are universal, unaffected by time, place, birth, circumstance, together they constitute the ‘great law of life’.

Chapter 1 sutra 30 lists the obstacles in our path of yoga. These are what prevent us from living in a vinyasa flow.
failure to achieve samadhi
failure to maintain samadhi

Sutra 31. Such distractions make the body restless, the breathing course and the mind agitated. They result in suffering.

Sutra 32, But they can be eliminated when the mind is brought to a single focus.

Back we come to the settled mind.


What do you love, who and what inspires you, moves you motivates you. Where do you feel that inspiration and movement of changing energy. It may be you head, heart stomach.

Do you know who you are?
List 20 things that you like doing. These can be simple daily things like drinking your favourite tea, talking with inspired friends, reading to bigger more adventurous qualities within yourself.

How can you create a life that has all of these qualities, activities within it at all times. How can you sustain living with this positive upward flow on continuous energy. A life that has all of these qualities.

Vinyasa – Alive and living as you.
Through yoga practice you can harness the natural energy flow. This will physically and mentally enhance your life. Vinyasa flow is the tapping into the quality of this energy in our life. How we connect to this energy is through yoga practice, observing good diet and a healthy life style.
Vinyasa flow in yoga will take you practice off the mat and create something personal and limitless. it will greatly enhance very area of you life. Regular yoga practice and understanding the practice of relaxation and mediation. Learning how to fuel your body properly for increased energy. Through yoga we recognise our life’s true purpose.

The body says what words cannot, nothing is more revealing than movement – Martha Graham

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